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    Solar portable power station 500W 600W 700W 1000W portable generator For Outdoor Home Power emergency power supply

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    Battery: 140400mAh  /  519Wh(6 batteries in series and 9 betteries parallel ,each battery 2600mAh,battery model is 18650)

    DC12V output: cigarette lighter 10A, dc5525*2 5A

    USB-A output: 18W*3 channels

    USB-C output: 60W*1 channel

    DC24V output: DC5525*2 4A (max: 100W)

    Wireless charging: 15W

    Spotlight & Reading Light: Brightness adjustable up to 3W

    AC output maximum: 600W (peck: 1500W)

    Charging support: 12V~26V 5A max 100W

    Support solar panel: DC18V(120W)

    5H fully charged (adapter)


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